The Space War 3
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Welcome to The Space War 3!


Media Release 3:

New screen shots of a new room and a new map have been released. Many changes have been made to the game like:

- monster makes noise when it dies

-doors make noise when they open

-map changing

In the past I have used Tripod to make my websites but now I am using Ewisoft Website Builder to make it and tripod to host it. I am also using a program to make a new exe and 3D system for The Space War 3.

The original files have been scrapped and are going to be remade using a new modeling program, a new modeler, and new scripts to right.

As you can probably tell, The Space War 3 is going to be a first person shooter. It won’t be arcade style like the other two.  I download even newer, better software to let me make first-person shooters. It will be more of a Doom I and II style fps though.

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